MERCANTIL VALORES Agente de Valores S.A. has its headquarters in the WTC F.Z (World Trade Center Free Zone), it is located in the residential and commercial area of greatest growth of Montevideo, Uruguay and representative offices in New York, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Lima and Quito.


Uruguay is a country with the highest rates in the region in human development, transparency, economic openness and income distribution. Thanks to these factors, along with its strategic advantages related to social stability, its workforce, and the important technological support, it provides standards of excellence in services and production.

Its geographical location offers several advantages, located in the Southern Cone, bordered by Brazil and Argentina. The country is renowned for the compliance with all national and international commitments. It has a democratic government system established long time ago in the Uruguayan culture.

Uruguay, unlike other countries in the region, as a financial center, is open to free movement of capital and foreign exchange, with a flexible tax system, respecting the right of property and banking secrecy.
It has the densest telephony network in Latin America, which makes it one of the few countries with a digital telecommunications network that reaches one hundred percent coverage throughout the territory.